Natal is not horary


Most astrologers and students of astrology always heard that astrology was a millennial art, but in fact they didn´t know much about all those millenia. In fact, most of us only had access to the psycho babble thing, “does my sign combine with his?” until 10-20 years ago. Many people complain against Alan Leo and other 19th century astrologers, but in fact, when we do read the books of early 20th century, we often see the same things that were written in Bonnatti or Lilly. Most of what people call “astrology” is a 1970´s creation.

So, it is not a surprise that, when astrologers found “Christian Astrology” they were fascinated. There were modern books on horary, of course, but even then were mostly ignored by the great taboo of “do not predict”. So, when traditional horary astrology re-emerged many of us were dazzled by two very important thing:

  • for the first time we could…

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