Dark Side of Pisces

Toxic  Pisces


You may be surprised to know that a Pisces wronged can be extremely vengeful. While popular wisdom says Pisces will go into a hole and hurt themselves, they’re also known to be passive aggressive and potentially, sneaky. The catch is this is only when they’re hurt. SO, if a Pisces is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with, ask them if you’ve done something to hurt them. It might be the end of the poison.


4 thoughts on “Dark Side of Pisces

  1. But Toxic #Aquarius can be worse!

    Oh, eccentric Aquarius… The Water Bearer is not above bending the truth to suit their version of reality… However, this is one sign you can cut the chord with and not expect a fight. If you’re dealing with an Aquarian’s bad behavior don’t be afraid to take a stance—they probably won’t change, but they’ll see your approach as an attack and be more than happy to run the other way.

    • #Pisces are GREAT! They are for sure the biggest MYSTERY of the zodiac! They can be prophets and businessman ! They can be SO Higher type and SO lower type – my opinion is that if they have RIGHT mom (dad or caretaker), free-spirited and open-minded (like tarot enthusiasts, for example) they’ll become HIGHER for sure! So, when he (she?) comes, I would like to have that honor to give them a Child Natal Birth reading. Will you send me birthday, time and place in…? How much we have to wait?

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