Happy Solstice 2013

Happy Solstice 2013

The 11th House

SUN INTO CAPRICORN Solstice Times Dec 21-22
LA  –  Sat – 9:11 am
NY  –  Sat – 12:11 pm
LON – Sat – 5:11 pm
SYD – Sun – 4:11 am

The Solstice, mid-winter or mid-summer is a turning point, a day we have celebrated for thousands of years. The sun crossing the Cardinal Points (or ‘Aries’ Point, in this case 0 Capricorn) is symbolic of endings and new beginnings. In the northern hemisphere, the

sun ‘dies’ to be reborn the next morning as it crosses 0 degrees of Capricorn. From then on, the days begin to lengthen and all is renewed. For us in the Southern hemisphere, it’s still 0 Capricorn but from now on the days are getting shorter! In either case, this is a beautiful time to set intentions for yourself, your loved ones and the world community.

This year we have a powerful…

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