How Libra Deals with Lost Love


The fellow Libra person is equipped with lots of talent and purpose in life. These mellow leveled people go on with their lives on a full one quest to help one another. In addition, they make it their ultimate goal to help people who are weaker than them. That being said, once the Libra person falls in love, their priorities change. They become even nicer and even kinder, if you can believe it. Love harmonizes them very well and they come out on the other side and are peaceful with an air of flight and airy. After all, the Libra is a fellow air sign, able to maintain themselves in a zest for life while still being able to contribute to society on a daily basis. Libra people see love as the perfect illusion of time. They envision it as a true classic fairytale where their dreams come true and their hearts are filled forever. This love is a center for unity for them and it creates goodness for then. Libra is theScales and these people need love to show them how to balance life the right way. After all, love is one of those things to make everything better if it is true love. Libra is all on board for that. Also, Libra is representing the Scales, so these people live their lives daily trying to make life a balance for themselves. Life and love is almost the same, so you could believe that when the Libra man or woman falls head over heels in love and then one day gets his or her heart broken, there will be tears. Not just tears, but fireworks as well as big and long emotional spells of confusion and misery. These people are the example of love gone wrong. They are a misunderstood sign because they try so hard to understand other people that others do not give them the time of day. People have no patience like the Libra has. These people are soft hearted so they really do get hurt internally. They will definitely stay in their beds for the longest time before coming out from that sadness or depression of a lost love and finally mend themselves to a renewed sense of reality.